Placing the ball in your stance

Daniel Cox

Q: All of my clubs are custom fit. I love my 54 degree wedge but constantly chunk my 58 degree 20 yards or scull it 150 yards. I don't know how to hit it. Please help. Where do I place the ball in my stance and how do I stop mishitting this club?

A: If you are hitting the 54 degree fine you should also be hitting the 58 the same. They are approximately the same length and lie with only 4 degrees of loft difference. I would check the bounce on the 58. It certainly sounds like it has a lot less bounce than the 54. Less bounce would cause the chunking but not the sculling. Put the ball in the same place in the stance and make the same swing as the 54. If the problems continue, try swinging a little flatter on both the backswing and downswing so you have a shallower plane and concentrate on turning your body through to the left so the club can exit left on a shallow plane.