Best way to hit a draw

Bob Jasper

Q: What is the best way to hit a draw with a driver? Is it in the grip or set up or what?

A: In order to Draw a driver the Set up and the grip do play a small role but the most important factor is comming into the ball from an inside path. Since the driver is the longest club in your bag it should have the shallowest angle of approach into the ball. Unrfortunately most people who struggle with this club bring it down on much to steep a path or plane which does not work very well for that club. A drill that may help you with this is stand straight up and make some baseball swings level to the ground. After a few then bend over half way to the ground and make some more baseball rounded swings. Finally bend all the way over to the ground and make the same level swings. This should help to shallow out your swing and assist you in drawing the ball.