Driving consistently

Bill Marion

Q: My core question is, should I learn to play a fade or draw with my driver so I can build some consistency with landing area? In other words, should I work to correct the core inconsistency in my swing or learn to play a more predictable pattern? Is a straight shot bad? I really don't have a fade/draw on my irons either but I'm very consistent with them. What due the pros do?

A: The pros are always playing a shot that will either go straight or fade, or a shot that will go straight or draw. In other words, they are aiming for one of two ball flight patterns; straight/fade or straight/draw. Aiming down the right center of the hole allows the player to hit the straight/draw combination so if the ball doesn't draw the straight ball is still ok. It works the same for the player aiming down the left center and playing a straight/fade ball flight pattern. The point is two fold: never allow a straight to hurt you and always know which way the ball might go if it does not go straight.