Getting the ball up


Q: I was having problems getting my ball off the ground from the tee, so I moved the ball well forward in my stance. I was getting the ball up, but now I have a bad hook with a lot of spin. From the tee the ball goes about 70 yards hooking then dives straight to the ground. What would be the main source of this.

A: By moving the ball forward in your stance the club has a chance to release and move left after impact. It sounds to me that these two things are exaggerated by making this adjustment. Without seeing your golf swing, I'm going to guess that your swing is too shallow or round?! My advice is to practice hitting fades in an effort to hit it straight. All the things you may be doing wrong will be eliminated by trying to fade the golf ball.

1. If your tendency is to aim to the right, set up open in an effort to hit a fade.

2. To hit a fade keep the ball forward in your stance.

3. Feel the club being swung parallel to your foot line or a little straighter and less round on the takeaway. Firm up your hands through impact and don't allow the toe to beat the heel to the ball.

I am thinking that you have a tendency to aim right, swing the club too much around your body on both sides, and have the clubface closed at impact.

Practice hitting fades and I'm going to guess you'll hit it straight.

Check back with me if the hooks persist.