Using your wrists to drive further

Julio Cruz

Q: I've been playing for two yrs now and love the game, but the problem is that nature cheated me out and I only stand 5'-5" tall. On an average drive, I probably hit the ball 220 yds or so. I can't help feeling cheated when I see 6'+ tall guys hammering the ball. Are there any drills/ techniques to help me get a little more yds out of my drives? Or should I just accept that due to my height this will probably be my best yardage?

A: Not to worry! I know many people who are not very tall but can still hit the ball a long ways. One of the biggest reasons why people do not hit the golf ball as far as they want is because they do not learn how to properly hinge their wrists. A proper wrist hinge will supply more leverage and greater club head speed to the ball. Start by taking some practice swings with the feeling of your right knuckles folding back towards the top of your arm and your left thumb being pulled in the same direction. Practice trying to hold that for a longer period on the down swing and you should see the golf ball shoot down the fairway like a rocket ship.