Confidence while putting


Q: How much of a putting stroke would you put down to being confident standing over the ball? I seem to be having a bad run with the putter and feel my confidence is slipping over those tricky putts that we all enjoy.

A: In my opinion, putting woes are either mechanical, visual, or mental. Before your next round place 4 balls 3 feet from the hole at 12 o'clock, 3,6, and 9 o'clock. Go through your pre sot routine prior to making each stroke and make all 4 consecutively. When you miss, you start all over again. After you make 4 from 3 feet, make 4 from 5 feet consecutively, and then the same from 7 feet. Your eyes and ears need to get used to seeing and hearing the ball go in the hole to have a positive image. This will give you some confidence before you play, and don't forget to hit a few 20 footers to get a good feel for speed and distance. Phil Mickelson does something similar in his practice, only he uses more balls. Give this a try and maybe you'll putt like he does.