Overcoming Thick, Greenside Rough

Getting up and down from the greenside rough plays a large part in shooting a good score.
Jim Pike, PGA

Problem Area: Short Game
Series: Instruction Feature

Published: Thursday, November 11, 2010 | 4:41 p.m.

The rough at Sahalee Country Club during the 80th PGA Championship measured anywhere from 4-6 inches. Our members had been playing those conditions for the few months leading up to the event and have a better understanding of the shots required to recover from the high, dense grass. One of the toughest recovery shots is the short chip shot just off the green.


1.) Use a sand wedge or lob wedge and open the clubface;

2.) Align your body to the left of the target;

3.) Play the ball off your front heel;

4.) Point the end of shaft to the center of your body;

5.) Take a fairly long backswing and stop the forward swing about 2 feet after impact.

Results: The ball will come out high and soft and will be easy to stop next to the pin.

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