A Quick Nine: Where should you play this time of year?

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Some of our Facebook fans suggested Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii, as a destination to consider traveling to to play golf this time of year.
T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer

Series: A Quick Nine

Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | 10:10 a.m.

For golfers in various parts of the world, the golf season is quickly winding down as cold temperatures swoop in and that dreaded long, dark, blustery winter strikes. Unless you enjoy winter sports or have a suitable indoor golf facility to visit over the winter, chances are you've already begun daydreaming about next spring and your first trip to the course.

Not everyone on the globe will suffer through a cold winter. In fact, many will be playing golf while some of us are bundled up in a Snuggie by the fireplace sipping a hot chocolate.

Those "lucky ones" who get to play these next few months are the inspiration for this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' feature. Please! Tell those of us who will be shoveling insane amounts of snow: What golf destination do you recommend for those wanting to play this time of year?

Here are some of the awesome responses our PGA.com Facebook friends had to offer up:

1. Dubai. Talk about something different. Aside from the golf, this would probably be the trip of a lifetime.

Facebook fan quotes:

"The Majlis course, Emirates Golf Club, DUBAI, UAE… course awesome, weather immense." -- Mark Anthony Bowen

"Dubai." -- Charley Harrington

2. Texas. Many of the responses this week came via the Lone Star State. We all know Texas is a golf hotbed, so why not give it a visit?

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'd look into somewhere in Texas. Beautiful weather down there. But I did play Grand Geneva Resort yesterday in Lake Geneva, Wis. It made for a great day, and the course was in great shape!" -- Brent Whitman

"San Antonio, Texas is the best place to golf through December." -- Joel Riceberg

"San Antonio is perfect in the fall." -- Larry Stalcup

"Austin, Texas -- beautiful courses. Great fall weather, friendly people, fancy private clubs, resorts and plenty of muni's ... we've got 'em all." -- Annette DeMarrais Gester

3. St. Andrews. Hey, it might be cold, but no time of year is ever a bad time of year to visit the birthplace of golf. It's magnificent and fascinating.

Facebook fan quote:

"St. Andrews, Scotland -- we're open all year!" -- Scott Bechelli

4. Myrtle Beach, S.C. As a New England native, I can vouch that Myrtle Beach is a go-to spot for many of my golf buddies. They rave about the courses and, most importantly, the deals that can be had.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Myrtle Beach is not too cold and the fees are usually reasonable. Lots of good tracks too." -- Gary L. Brumley

"Myrtle Beach, S.C. Courses are in awesome shape, few players and the rates are like my score -- low, low, low... MB is a great value in the fall... plus, there are seven Top 100 U.S. golf courses here... and who knows? You may even run into PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson while you're in town... his home course is TPC Myrtle Beach." -- Phil Werz

"With 200 hundred courses and cheap hotels, the beach and Broadway at the beach for shopping and many places to eat, come to my home town of Myrtle Beach, S.C. We'll be waiting." -- John Davis

5. Arizona. Can you really go wrong playing golf in Arizona any time of year?

Facebook fan quotes:

"PHOENIX… Aka GOLF HEAVEN!!!" -- Tom Schipper

"AZ is the best destination for this time of year." -- Dave DeSisto

6. South Florida. With beaches, restaurants, shopping, spas and, of course, golf, there's something for everyone in South Florida.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Come to South Florida! Golf is great year round." -- Neil Schwartz "PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida; three great courses, a great practice facility a great museum and only a few minutes from the beach!" -- Matt Frey

"Florida...it's a perfect 75-55 now with low humidity and lots of sunshine! Perfect!" -- Beverly Hull

"South Florida, where else?" -- Jon Michael Robich

7. Maui. Another can't-go-wrong destination.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Maui. Enough golf holes, views, warm weather, and year-round bath temperature water for post-round luxuriating to last multiple lifetimes." -- Anthony Vu

"Kapalua, Maui." -- Brett Hooper

8. Idaho. Yeah, I think I was just as surprised to see this nomination as you are. When I think Idaho in the winter months, I'm thinking more along the lines of Sun Valley for skiing. But, hey, don't knock it until you've tried it.

Facebook fan quote:

"Lewiston, Idaho. Banana belt weather. We have the Lewiston Country Club, Clarkston Country Club, Bryden Canyon Golf Course. We're playing golf while everyone near Spokane, Wash., is under a blanket of snow." -- Michael N Suzanne Uhlenkott

9. Gulf Coast. The reason you might think to stay away from the Gulf Coast right now may just be the reason you should go as a PGA.com fan notes.

Facebook fan quotes: "The Gulf Coast are of Mississippi and Florida panhandle. Because of the weather and oil spill over the last few years that place is a ghost town. But, great courses, great hotels, food, casinos, etc." -- Eric Gunn

"MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST. Still in the low 70's high 60's most days, little if any rain, wonderful, affordable championship golf… and the second largest concentration of casinos behind Vegas." -- Craig Harvey