Austin: A City with No Golf Limits

Barton Creek
Photo: Courtesy Barton Creek Resort & Spa
Barton Creek is consistently rated one of the top golf resorts in the country.
Michael Rushing, PGA

Series: Texas Tourism

Published: Monday, June 11, 2012 | 1:15 p.m.

Austin, Texas is one of the most eclectic, diverse and enjoyable places in the country, it really does have something for everyone. When you hear people talk about visiting Austin, they often are referring to one of three main reasons.

1.) There is the government/legislative community: As the state capitol, the decision-makers and their assorted branches are an important and vital part of this community.
2.) There is the University of Texas: The campus is basically a city unto itself and the students and faculty provide Austin with an eclectic, vibrant, passionate and diverse culture.
3.) And of course, there's the music: Don't just take it from me, several knowledgeable people consider Austin as one of the three or four most important cities for music in the country.

I would absolutely nominate a fourth item to be a calling card for Austin: Golf.

Many people think sweeping plains or perhaps even some desert when they think Texas golf. But here in Austin, they'd be pleasantly surprised at what they'd find on our golf courses. And that is why Austin, Texas is a premier destination for golfers.

The Austin area is often referred to as the "Hill Country" - and for good reason. The elevation changes, grand vistas, canyons and flora make every round a unique and exciting experience. Waterfalls and several species of wildlife always provide ample scenery to make your golf even more memorable and special.

When people tell me they are planning on a visit to Austin, particularly for golf, I'm always happy to share some thoughts.

First and foremost, I suggest they come to Barton Creek Resort and Spa. In full disclosure, I'm the Club Director here at Barton Creek, so that makes sense. In full honesty, it's one of the most spectacular golf resorts in the world.

Here's my quick plug: Barton Creek Resort & Spa has four distinct, beautiful and challenging championship courses. We are very proud of the numerous awards and accolades we've received - including our Fazio Foothills course being named 4th best resort course in Golfweek's ranking of top 50 resort courses in the country. But our most important goal is to make sure you have an amazing and memorable golf experience during your time here. So yes, Barton Creek is a GREAT destination for golfers - according to many golf writers, players and industry personnel - and me.

That said, my next recommendation for golfers is check out the Austin Golf Trail. It's a great, no-stress, economically savvy way to enjoy a number of great courses in the area.

If you're looking for other options, two more facilities I'd recommend are:

Horseshoe Bay - This is a great resort about an hour west of downtown Austin. It has three championship courses as well as a host of family activities that occur around Lake LBJ.
Grey Rock Golf - One of Austin's premier daily fee courses, all golfers would have a great experience here.

And for those that may be visiting for matters other than golf, but have time for a quick, budget-friendly round, I'd recommend:

Falconhead Golf - A mid-price range gem just west of Austin.
Terravista Golf Club - Dollar for dollar, one of the great values for golf in Austin.

I don't know that you can have a bad experience here on an Austin golf course. The people, the weather, the conditions and the layouts are as welcoming and friendly as you will find anywhere. Visit us once and I think you'll agree that Austin belongs on every golfer's "bucket list" for top golf destinations.