14th Hole - King's North, Hole 5

by Michael Burnside, PGA
Head Golf Professional

When guests think of King's North at Myrtle Beach National, they think of Arnold Palmer's design and the numerous memorable holes like "The Gambler," or the par 3 twelfth island hole with the letters "S.C." representing South Carolina carved into the bunkers. Both are great holes among many at King's North.

"The Gambler" hole is the most memorable and eagerly anticipated on the entire course with good reason. This par 5 hole offers an island fairway enticing golfers to "gamble" and to try and reach the green in two shots. The island option shortens the hole, but requires a second shot carry over water to reach the green in two. The hole does offer a traditional fairway to the right of the island, but plays significantly longer, but also keeps plenty of water in play. However, the par 4 fifth hole is one many golfers overlook, but is a hidden gem at King's North.

Hole No. 5 at King's North looks very simple on the scorecard. At 300 yards from the middle tees, don't let the yardage fool you into thinking this is an easy hole. From the tee, it appears there is very little landing area in the fairway to place your drive. It appears you are heading to the woods if you aim right of the large bunker about 200 yards down the fairway. In fact, there is ample room right of this fairway bunker. However, too far off line and you risk ending up down below the bunker and at the base of a severe slope where you cannot see the green on your second shot despite having less than 150 yards to the green. A drive too far to the left encounters a large bunker that will leave you about 100 yards from the sand to the green - one of the most difficult shots in the game of golf.

From the fairway, the approach shot is not too long and can be anywhere from 80 to 150 yards, depending on how aggressive you are off the tee. Guarding the green is a large and deep greenside bunker with a face about four and half feet high. If you are too deep into the bunker, you may be forced to play out to the side. Many have tried to clear the intimidating lip only to have their ball buried in the face of the bunker and compounding their problems.

Hole No. 5 gives golfers many options off the teeing area. Drive over the large bunker on the left side of the fairway, or play to the right side where there is more room. The second shot has you staring down a narrow green guarded by a large bunker. This hole is short, but fun to play. Many players cannot wait to play "The Gambler," but don't take the hole before it too lightly. Hole No. 5 on King's North at Myrtle Beach National is indeed a hidden gem.

I invite you to come out and enjoy all the unique holes King's North at Myrtle Beach National has to offer.