15th Hole - The Preserve at Verdae, Hole 2

by Paul Albert, PGA
Director of Golf

It's a great honor and thrill for all of us at The Preserve at Verdae to be a part of "The Dream 18 of South Carolina: Hidden Gems."

Allow us to share a bit about our most photographed, talked about and anticipated hole on the course: our Hole No. 2.

When you arrive to this hole, fresh off a tough start to your round with our demanding opening hole, you will at first feel awestruck. If the azalaes are blooming and the water is calm, you will not find a more picturesque golf hole anywhere. Enjoy that view, it is special.

But then the reality of having to play the hole may strike. And then you may feel some nerves.

We call this hole "Sitting Duck." We tell golfers that the hole is a sitting duck, it's just sitting there waiting to be be plucked. But I can also tell you, it's not always certain who is the hunted and who is the hunter - I think this hole has claimed a few scalps of its own.

Like many holes, our 2nd hole offers five different tee boxes. But the tee boxes can mean this hole plays up to 100 yards different! They are also not in a straight linear set-up. In other words, there are various tee boxes, located almost 100 yards apart - from the far right peninsula, to the very back tees behind it to the forward tees on the far left side. So this hole not only can play anywhere from 112 yards to 215 yards - your view and approach angle will constantly change depending on your tees.

And don't forget the wind. There's always a breeze, trust me on this. Pick your club carefully, a good shot means more than a good swing here - it's finding the right club too. I've seen many good swings end up wet or in the back bunker.

But the payoff for a good shot is entirely worth it. Make par on this hole, it'll make your day. Birdie (or better!) and you'll remember it forever.

A good score you have to earn here. A good time you can't help but have.

Come visit us at The Preserve at Verdae. The best service, a treemendous layout and one "sitting duck" await you.