17th Hole - Mt. Vintage Independent, Hole 8

by Ryan Mulvey, PGA
Director of Golf

When one approaches the 8th tee box on the Independent Nine it's hard not to be taken aback by the beauty of the hole. With the waterfall from the back tee box all the way down to the green, the great landscape, and the stacked stone work, one must quickly change mindset and focus on the shot ahead.

There are three things you must analyze before you hit your shot - the wind, the elevation change, and the hole location. With the ninth teeing ground adjacent to the eighth green, it can create a wind tunnel that swirls around the hole making it virtually impossible to figure out what the wind is doing. Depending on your teeing ground, the elevation change can make the hole play a full club less. Make sure you judge the wind and elevation appropriately or you could end up in trouble.

The hole location can vary the shot drastically depending on where it is. If the hole is cut on the right side of the green it brings the pond into play. If the hole is on the left side of the green then the large bunker to the left can eat golf balls up. The only "easy" hole location on the green is on the front left. With the pond in front, bunker to the left, and large drop off behind the green, an errant shot can be penalized greatly. The green itself has a large ridge that runs through the middle of the green giving the impression that most putts break towards the water. This is not the case. Most putts will have a tendency to break towards the back of the green, which is difficult to see until you miss your putt on the low side.

With all of the beauty and challenge of the 8th Hole on the Independent Nine here at Mount Vintage Plantation Golf Club, there is no doubt why it is one of South Carolina's Dream 18 Hidden Gems.