South Carolina Tourism - Hole 02

Hole 2, Dream 18

No., 18 at Timberlake Country Club, Columbia S.C.
– Evans Day, PGA Head Professional

Of course it’s an honor to be a part of the Dream 18 of South Carolina, it’s an exciting opportunity to share with the world our 18th hole, one we feel is one of the most exciting and enjoyable finishing holes you could find anywhere, not just here in the Palmetto State.

Our closing hole here at Timberlake Country Club is a short par five, measuring a “mere 483 yards.” But before you start counting your birdie (or better) when you step on the tee, you should know a little more about this gem. The layout certainly makes it a classic risk/reward hole and one that ensures that the outcome of your round, match or tournament (and a few “friendly wagers” no doubt) will remain in suspense until the final putt drops. It can save a mediocre round or wreck a great score. And it’s done plenty of both.

The hole starts out with a narrow shoot with most golfers just trying to reach the top of the hill (around 240-250 yards from the back tees) where the fairway widens to 35-40 yards.  Not only do you have to be precise to thread the gap of trees, but there are strategically placed fairway bunkers on both sides in that landing area. The appropriate play from there would be to lay up just short of the lake and then have a 100-yard approach to the uphill green.

Of course, that’s the more classical approach.  The more daring players will try to get within 200 yards of the green from their drive. With the downhill slope of the fairway once you get your drive 190-200 yards out, it’s not too daunting a task for many players. But the difficult downhill/sidehill lie for their next shot will be sure to get their attention – as will the looming Lake Murray which lurks in front of and right of the green.

And regardless of how you get there, once you’re on the putting surface, you can’t relax. The green has three tiers, is 56 paces deep (which means a two to three club difference depending on where the pin is) and has bunkers, OB and water surrounding it.

It’s important to note, Timberlake Country Club is not 17 pretty good holes and one excellent one. We feel that any number of our holes could have been featured as a part of the Dream 18. But to have the finishing hole, the one that resonates the most with players as they come in and replay their round, share their stories and settle those “friendly wagers”, be the hole that players remember the most as they leave after a great day of golf – yeah, we couldn’t have planned that too much better.

Come visit us and I think you’ll agree. Finishing up strong is a great way to finish – both for your score and the course itself.