South Carolina Tourism - Hole 03

Hole 3, Dream 18

No., 6 - 220 yards at Cherokee Valley Golf Club
Travelers Rest, S.C.
– Brian Gordner, PGA Head Professional

Imagine yourself staring down the pin, 220 yards away. The green is 70 feet below the tee box and there is just enough of a breeze to make you go back to your bag a couple of times to change clubs. You know not to miss long or left, the drop off is severe and you may not find your ball again. In the summer, when the heather grass grows up, missing short may mean a lost ball as well. The green is large enough once you’re safely on it, but it looks like a thimble at this distance. My guess is, you’re a little short of breath – and, believe it or not, it has very little to do with the shot. It’s the view…that amazingly awesome view.

That is the situation that golfers find themselves in every day here at Cherokee Valley in Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina (about 25 minutes north of Greenville.)  When they arrive at our sixth hole, they can’t help but take a long moment to take in what we consider the best scenic view in the state.  Sure, they then think about the challenge ahead of them (it’s a tough hole!) but soon get back to the view. Why? Because it is THAT spectacular.

The sixth hole can play anywhere from a 6-iron to a 3 wood for most players. I’ve seen quite a few drivers hit here as well. But the one thing I almost always see, if anyone in the group has a camera, are a few photos taken after the initial golf shot is hit. As long as it doesn’t slow down play, I can’t blame them.

In full disclosure, there will be a number of people, including on my own staff, who will be surprised that our sixth hole is featured on this list. Not because it doesn’t belong – it most certainly does – but because many find that our 14th hole is just as amazing. So if having two signature holes is our biggest problem, that’s something we can live with proudly.

Of course, Cherokee Valley is quite proud of our entire facility. Our nationally-renowned staff, state-of-the-art Instruction Academy, appealing Stay and Play packages; coupled with the impeccable conditions of the course and the incredible vistas provided by the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, means that a visit to Cherokee Valley leaves an impression long after your round of golf ends.   

One final note though about our sixth hole. Famed-architect P.B. Dye, who has designed dozens of top courses including Cherokee Valley, fell in love with the land and this course so much that he decided to combine the two loves of his life in one special moment. So when it came to his wedding day, he chose to tie the knot here on the tee box – one of the great wedding settings you could imagine. Now it’s one thing to say that your favorite golf hole is special. But how do you beat a testament like that? I say you can’t. And for the golfers that come here to Cherokee Valley, they’ll agree that not many places in South Carolina, the Southeast or anywhere else for that matter, can top this devilish hole with the heavenly view. You may (or may not) make a par on this hole, but you’ll definitely make a golf memory for a lifetime.