South Carolina's Hidden Gems - Hole No. 16: The 17th Hole at Hickory Knob

Scott Penland, Director of Golf

Series: Travel Feature

Published: Wednesday, September 07, 2011 | 2:37 p.m.

There are many beautiful spots along the shores of Lake Thurmond but perhaps none more scenic than the 17th hole here at Hickory Knob Golf Course. This beautiful par three is an ideal way to remember your time with us as you hit the closing holes of our course. For that reason alone, Hickory Knob proudly takes a place as part of "The Hidden Gems of South Carolina."

From the moment you first step onto the 17th tee box, you're going to be blown away at the framing of this hole. With the tall pines serving as a backdrop, and smaller trees dotting the right side of the green, water on both sides of the hole and the white sand of the one bunker resting to the right of the green - this is a spot that sees as many camera shots as golf shots it seems. And that's understandable.

But don't let the beauty lull you into a false sense of security. The hole has some teeth to it. From the blue markers, it plays 176 yards and it really offers no bailout. The green is on a peninsula and though only the lake on the left comes into play as far as water goes, missing right will mean a tough bunker shot back towards the water - or way right will mean a similar chip through the small trees.

The hole plays a bit downhill and there's almost always a breeze you'll have to consider. So with the variety of pin spots and the breeze, you may find a three club difference from one day to the next.

But the challenge of the 17th hole is part of what makes it so special. A par (or birdie... or even better, an ace) is one you'll remember a long time. And even if your score isn't what you'd like it to be, you'll remember stepping on the tee box and thinking what an awesome setting this spot is for a golf hole. We feel that way about our entire golf course. Come visit us at Hickory Knob and we think you'll agree.