Grand Slam of Golf
The PGA Grand Slam
pos player score thru today
1 Phil Mickelson -17 F -13
2 Vijay Singh -12 F -6
3 Retief Goosen -11 F -4
4 Todd Hamilton +1 F +3

ROUND TWO: Tournament Summary: Presented by Bank of America
Hole Yards Par 2004 Highlights
1 428 4 Day Two did not begin very well for the reigning Open Champion. Todd Hamilton had a pitching wedge in his hands on the first hole, but his approach from 129 yards out missed way right. He chipped to 14 feet and two-putted for bogey. The other three players all made par.
2 524 5 Hamilton, Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh each made birdie on the par-5, but still lost ground to Retief Goosen, who made his first eagle of the event. Goosen hit a 4-iron second shot from 209 to 12 feet and made the putt to move to 9-under.
3 209 3 Mickelson carded his second straight birdie with a 4-iron tee shot to 18 feet and perfect putt, creeping to within one shot of Singh and three of leader Goosen, who made a nice save from a greenside bunker.
4 380 4 Mickelson is putting some serious early heat on Goosen, but the South African is answering every charge. Mickelson ripped a drive 290, then hit a lob wedge from 91 yards to 6 feet and made the putt. But Goosen was also dead-on with his lob wedge, hitting to 7 feet to maintain his three-shot lead.
5 355 4 Lefty is officially hot -- and fortunate. Mickelson hit a lob wedge from 64 yards to 3 1/2 feet and made the putt for his fourth straight birdie. But his three competitors each missed short birdie tries -- Goosen from 5 feet, Singh from 7 and Hamilton from 4.
6 573 5 Mickelson is making a run for the ages at Poipu Bay. Left with 247 to the hole after a nice drive, Mickelson ripped his utility club, running his ball to within 15 feet of the cup. The eagle pulled Mickelson even with Goosen, who could only manage a par, at 10-under.
7 152 3 PGA Grand Slam history was made when Mickelson calmly knocked his 8-iron tee shot to within 3 1/2 feet of the hole on this watery par 3, the birdie breaking the tournament record for consecutive holes played under par with six. The run moved him into the lead at 11-under.
8 374 4 Mickelson's amazing run ended in a couple of bunkers that protect this short par 4. He found a fairway bunker off the tee, then found another near the green, saving par with a blast to 5 feet and a putt. Singh moved to 9-under with a lob wedge from 56 yards to 12 feet and one-putt birdie.
9 405 4 Of all his birdies, this one may be the most amazing. After pushing his driver way left, Mickelson faced an uphill, blind shot of 154 yards over a strand of trees. No problem. He simply hit a 9-iron to 7 feet and made the putt for a tournament-record 28 on the front nine. Oh yeah, Singh also made birdie to tie Goosen at 10-under, two shots back.
10 429 4 If Mickelson misses breaking any more Grand Slam records here by one shot, he'll no doubt point to a little putt on this hole as the reason why. After hitting a smooth 9-iron to 8 feet, Mickelson missed the putt, his ball skirting the right edge and spinning away.
11 193 3 Singh dropped a crucial shot when his 6-iron tee shot flew long and left, nestling into some thick rough. With the grain of the green running away from him and toward the water, Singh was a little too tentative with his chip and left his ball 12 from the hole, his two-putt bogey dropping him to 9-under.
12 435 4 Mickelson must have misread the green because his pitching wedge approach from 144 yards hit the green and rolled just over the right edge of the cup before coming to a stop 4 feet away. The birdie putt pushed him to 13-under overall, 9-under on his round, and three shots clear of Goosen.
13 384 4 Goosen didn't get to enjoy his 65-foot birdie putt for very long, because seconds later Mickelson dropped a bomb of his own on top of it. After pull-hooking his tee shot way right, Mickelson hit a sand wedge over some trees to 55 feet and canned the putt to get to 10-under on his round.
14 537 5 Mickelson is famous for his flop shots, and he hit a wonderful one after missing the green to the left with his second-shot approach from 222. Laying the blade of his sand wedge wide open, he hit a high shot that landed softly and stopped just 5 feet away for another birdie and four-shot lead.
15 427 4 Not much has gone right for Hamilton today, but he hit three fine shots here. After a perfect drive, he stuck a sand wedge from 110 yards to 4 feet and made the putt. Mickelson, Goosen and Singh each made two-putt pars.
16 501 4 If Mickelson has ever had a better putting round than today, we've never seen it. After hitting a 4-iron approach from 221 to 45 feet, Mickelson smoothed in the left-to-right putt, which had 18 inches of break, to get to 12-under on his round and 16-under overall.
17 225 3 Singh pulled even with Goosen with a terrific 4-iron tee shot to 2 feet. Mickelson, meanwhile, pulled his 4-iron tee shot 15 yards right of the green but hit another wonderful pitch to 1 foot to save par and keep alive his chances to shoot a magical 59.
18 550 5 Mickelson capped the single greatest round in PGA Grand Slam of Golf history with a near-perfect 18th hole. He hit a 6-iron from 213 that covered the flag and stopped 9 feet short of the hole. But with 58 in his sights, Mickelson left the putt a tad short and settled for a 59.
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ROUND ONE: Tournament Summary: Presented by Bank of America
Hole Yards Par 2004 Highlights
1 428 4 Retief Goosen and Vijay Singh both overpowered the first hole, Goosen hitting a 298-yard drive and a pitching wedge to 2 feet and Singh blasting a 333-yard drive and a lob wedge to 4 1/2 feet.
2 524 5 Phil Mickelson put his short-game wizardry on display on the second hole. Lefty hit a 313-yard drive then a utility club 209. Left with just 25 yards to the hole, Mickelson hit a lob wedge into the cup for an eagle 3.
3 209 3 Goosen showed why he is a two-time U.S. Open champion on the long par-3. He hit a 4-iron to 60 feet then rolled in the birdie putt to take the lead at 3-under. Singh, meanwhile, three-putted from 55 feet to fall to 1-under.
4 380 4 Goosen again used his hot putter to steal a stroke from par. Following a 280-yard drive, the South African hit a sand wedge from 94 yards to 13 feet and made the putt to open a two-shot cushion over Mickelson.
5 355 4 Singh got back the stroke he lost at the par-3 second hole with a drive of 295 yards and a lob wedge from 60 yards to 1 1/2 feet for a gimme birdie.
6 573 5 Singh notched the second eagle of the foursome, knocking a second-shot 5-wood from 244 yards to 15 feet and making the putt. He needed it to stay close to Goosen, who made a 20-footer for his fifth birdie in six holes.
7 152 3 Singh continued his hot streak on this par-3, which features a new tee box. He hit a 9-iron to 10 feet and made the putt to catch Goosen at 5-under. Hamilton also kept pace, hitting an 8-iron to 16 feet and making the putt to get to 3-under.
8 374 4 Goosen missed the first green of the foursome, hitting a lob wedge approach long and over the back edge of the green. His chip ran 35 feet past the hole and he missed the putt for his first bogey of the round.
9 405 4 Goosen quickly regained the shot he lost at No. 8, hitting his drive into the right rough then sticking a pitching wedge to within 5 feet and making the putt to pull even with Singh on 5-under at the turn.
10 429 4 Phil Mickelson finally made a birdie. The reigning Masters champion, who holed a flop shot for eagle on the second hole, hit a 9-iron from 148 yards to 9 feet and made the putt. Hamilton, though, three-putted from 70 feet for a bogey 5.
11 193 3 For the first time in the round, all four players made routine two-putt pars.
12 435 4 Goosen jumped back into the lead after a brilliant 9-iron approach from 134 yards that just cleared the front bunker and nestled 8 inches from the hole. Mickelson was not so fortunate, making bogey after finding the trees with his second shot and missing a 35-footer.
13 384 4 Goosen's putter finally let him down. After laying up on the short hole with a 7-iron off the tee, he hit a lovely sand wedge approach from 108 yards 10 past the hole but rammed his putt 3 feet past and missed the comebacker to fall to 5-under.
14 537 5 Goosen missed a golden opportunity for an eagle when he hit a 3-wood from 262 yards to 10 feet on the par-5 but just missed the putt to the right. Mickelson and Singh kept pace with long two-putt birdies of their own.
15 427 4 Singh got away with a drive pushed into the right rough, hitting a lob wedge from 75 yards that rolled 17 feet by the hole. He made the putt to grab the outright lead from Goosen, who made par. Mickelson and Hamilton both lost ground with bogeys.
16 501 4 Singh hit a second straight drive into the right rough, but this time did not escape unscathed. He attempted to hit a 9-iron from 197 but came up 75 yards short. A lob wedge to 10 feet and two putts dropped Singh to 6-under, tied with Goosen for the lead.
17 225 3 This long par-3 surrendered nothing to the field. All four players missed the green to the right but all four got up and down for par.
18 550 5 History says that anything can happen on the dramatic 18th hole, and Tuesday was no exception. Mickelson made a spectacular eagle 3 to get into the mix, while Goosen and Hamilton each made two-putt birdies. Singh, on the other hand, three-putted for the second time for a disappointing par.

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