Interview with Webb Simpson

JULIUS MASON:  Webb Simpson with quite a day today, 65.  I think you have to be pleased with that.  Did you just kind of run out of holes to catch Pádraig? 

WEBB SIMPSON:  It's hard to say.  He's playing well and he made the putts you've got to make. I think the turning point for us was kind of the 10 through 13 stretch.  I had some good looks and played them even, and he played them 3 under.  He played great.  Made a big putt on 16. 

But I'm really encouraged with how I played today.  Wish I could have probably had that shot back on 18, the iron shot.  I just came out of it.  But overall, good day, and you know, it's been a great week. 

JULIUS MASON:  Can you talk about weather conditions today versus yesterday? 

WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, I can't believe the weather.  I didn't bring an umbrella and I guess I knew what I was doing. 

Today, it just blew a little less and in a little different direction.  I think today played a little easier but pins were a little tougher today so maybe it evened out. 

Q.  We heard you remark on the closed circuit feed on 11 and 12, both putts, a foot from the hole looked like they were in and both missed.  Talk about both of those. 

WEBB SIMPSON:  The greens were really good, really true.  They were just, you know, I usually have about one putt like that every three tournaments.  I had two putts I hit in a row that were a foot out; the ball is in the middle and you think it's going to stay straight.  Kind of gut wrenching those two holes, to have those looks and thinking I'm making birdie. 

But I didn't second guess my reads and we kept doing what we were doing.  Only bad putt I hit all day was 15.  I didn't get set over it and pulled it.  Overall, putted pretty well today. 

Q.  The shot at 18, what did you have left in and what did you hit?

WEBB SIMPSON:  18, we had 162.  We thought it played about 170.  I hit a 7 iron and just kind of came out of it. My weakness this year has been when I'm in between clubs and I try to smooth one, my body kind of shuts down, doesn't work as well and that's what happened. 

So it's just an eye opener that I've got a lot of work to do in the off season, because you're going to have four or five shots a round where I'm in between clubs.  So I learned from it.  I wish I could have putt a little more pressure on Pádraig, but he'd probably have 2 putted if he had to. 

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