Eubanks: The Christmas Letter

Liza Eubanks
Debbie Eubanks
There is no greater gift at Christmas than a child's love.'s Steve Eubanks shares a special gift this holiday season with a story that will resonate through the New Year.
Steve Eubanks

Series: Eubanks

Published: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 | 1:12 p.m.

This is the time of year when we reflect, especially on the blessings of family and friends. So, as you polish off the last of the eggnog and get ready to give that new driver or those shiny new irons their first whirl, please allow me to share my Christmas with you.

I got a new ring (to those of you, like me, who take your wedding band off to play golf, trust me, you will eventually lose it) and I received some much-needed clothing. But I also got a letter, typed and folded, sealed and stamped, even though the little girl who mailed it lives in the same home with her mother and me.

The letter went like this:

Dear Dad,

As I become older, I realize how significant you are to me. There are many memories I have of times with you, the amazing talents you have and your special qualities. For starters, you are always loving, caring about everyone and supportive of me. Creative is great way of describing you just as compassionate is. Although you have won countless tournaments and written articles, columns and even books, which show how talented a writer and golfer you are, there is so much more than that about you. You are driven to accomplish goals, although like me you sometimes build up too much energy and excitement. I have noticed how easy it is for you to zone in on something, showing great focus and concentration. Your mental strength is amazing.

You are significant to me not only because of your personality traits, but you impact my life on a daily basis. One way you changed my personality is by teaching me responsibility as soon as I was old enough to understand it. Another way you impact me is by always encouraging me to do my best. I know this has not impacted me huge, but later in my life I am confident that it will. Along with encouraging me, you give me hope that I can do things such as make a putt. Usually through golf and golf related terms, the confidence you give me for things such as making a good chip or hitting a good shot builds up my confidence for things such as speaking in public.

Although I am only 12, I am very lucky to have great memories with you. Memories such as winning an alternate shot tournament are ones I will keep forever. I still remember the thrill I felt when we were announced as winners and I held up our trophy. Fun rounds of golf after dinner, intense putting contests on “our” green, and tournaments when you were caddying or spectating will also be with me forever. There are many opportunities in life that I would not have had or could not have done without you at ages such as ten, or even younger: things like holding the Ryder Cup, a huge deal, and actually getting to know and be friends with famous people like Paul Azinger and Kris Tschetter.

I love going to dinner and eating scrumptious Buffalo wings and talking afterward about the good and bad things going on. That is one of my favorite activities with you, but my favorite memory with you is sneaking up and scaring the living daylights out of each other.

When I was young I always said I love you, and I meant it, don’t get me wrong. But I now know what the true meaning of loving someone is.

From the bottom of my heart,

Liza Eubanks

This is where I’m supposed to add a profound nugget. But sometimes there are no words.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year.




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