7 items to add to your golf gear collection in 2019

By Dan McDonald

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Monday, January 28, 2019 | 3:37 p.m.
Now that the PGA Merchandise Show is behind us, it's time to take a look at what new golf equipment and golf wear to add to your collection in 2019. 
Here's a look at seven items that will have an immediate impact on your golf game, from improving your game to being more comfortable and stylish while on and off the course.
NEW 2019 EQUIPMENT: Best new drivers | Best new irons
For any of us that have tried to take some slow-mo video of ourselves at the driving range or on the course to try and figure out where we’re going wrong in our swing, you know it can be quite the hassle. It either involves getting a terrible angle of the swing or having to figure out a way to position your bag just right to get the shot you want. The folks at SelfieGolf have the perfect solution so you can easily record your swing from all angles and become a better golfer. Simply clip your phone in and attach it to an iron or alignment stick that you lean against your bag, range stand or anything that is nearby. We love this product and we know you will as well. Learn more here 
Wilson’s D7 irons
Looking for some irons that provide more distance, and maximum feel and precision (without breaking the bank)? Wilson has just the set for you. Their new D7 irons bring an incredibly clean look and the ball leaps off the clubface, especially in the longer irons where getting a little more distance is key. They truly do bring the look of a player’s iron with all the benefits of a game improvement club at a reasonable price. Especially in the longer irons, I was getting an extra 5-7 yards on my shots while trying these out compared to my current game-improvement set. Learn more here
Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder
Ok, so we know that there are a ton of rangefinders out there that can do not just distance but slope, give you front and back of green readouts, etc. But what about accounting for the temperature and altitude? That’s exactly the technology Bushnell has put into their latest and greatest rangefinder. Stop doing the mental math gymnastics before your shot and let the Pro XE do that for you so you can focus on the important part of executing the shot ahead of you. It will be available on store shelves or for you to have delivered to your doorstep beginning in late March. Learn more here
PGA Championship Gear
The best golfers in the world will descend upon New York this May to take on the incredibly challenging Black Course at Bethpage State Park. If you or someone you know is going to be there, make sure to get your gear ahead of time so you can sport it on the course (and if you aren’t going yet, get your tickets here!Buy your gear here
Devereux Gravity Pants
There are a lot of golf pants out there, and no I haven't tried on every pair. But, if these aren't the most comfortable pair of golf pants out there, they're definitely a strong contender. They're super lightweight and wildly comfortable. It might be cliche, but they really do feel like you're wearing PJs but look like you're properly put together for either a round of golf or a day at the office (or if you're lucky, both). The zipper back pockets are a nice touch, too. Overall, the compliments I've gotten for a pair of pants went up exponentially since I started wearing these (but that number wasn't high too begin with). Learn more here
Desert Fox Phone Caddy
We’ve been there: You have your phone sitting in the cupholder of your golf cart as you cruise around the course listening to music, or just have it handy to look at your yardages on your favorite course GPS app. Then you hit a bump in the cart path and your phone goes flying. Inevitably, it lands in the only remaining puddle on the path from the last rainstorm (yes, this is a tragic true story). Worry about that no longer. This phone caddy clips to the frame of the golf cart and will keep your phone secure and accessible as you cruise around the course through puddles instead of digging your phone out of them. Learn more here
FootJoy Fury
Yes, these shoes include a bunch of new technologies and fancy names to describe them. But here’s the scoop: These shoes are built to keep your feet dry and super comfortable (and they do) and most importantly, they look super sharp. Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. They'll be available on Feb. 1. Learn more here