The 'Adam Scott Effect' is under way in Australia

Adam Scott at the Masters
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Adam Scott, by winning the Masters, has inspired his fellow golfers back home in Australia.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 5:43 p.m.

The United States isn't the only place where golf is growing right now. The game is also on the rise in Australia, which is home to golf's newest major champion, Adam Scott.

The latest report from the Australian Golf Industry Council, issued earlier today, indicated that April delivered the highest number of competition rounds played in any month over the entire financial year to date (July through June), while total rounds growth over the April 2012 period was just less than 1 percent.

At a state level, Victoria generated the strongest rise in round numbers over April 2012 with a 3.2 percent increase to 325,007 competition rounds, the report said. For the 10 months to date in the current financial year, total rounds across Australia are up 5.8 percent over the year-ago numbers.

''April proved to be a positive month with the largest number of competition rounds recorded for a month in the year to date,'' said Golf Australia CEO and AGIC Chairman Stephen Pitt. 

April is, of course, also when Scott finally broke through and got Australia its long-awaited first green jacket. And as the celebration began Down Under, Pitt remarked that Australia's consistent growth would be boosted by Scott's victory.

"There is absolutely no doubt that Adam's win will have a significant impact on the Australian golf industry,'' Pitt said on April 22. ''His achievement and the people it inspires cuts through on all levels of golf.''

Anecdotally, the AGIC said, ''we’ve already had reports of increased foot traffic through golf clubs around the country in the days following his win. It's the ideal time to harness that enthusiasm for golf and welcome people, new and old, through the doors of golf facilities across the country."

The Australian Golf Industry Council was established in 2006 to help unite the golf industry. Its membership includes: Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association, Australian Ladies Professional Golf, Australian Sporting Goods Association, Golf Australia, Golf Management Australia, PGA of Australia and the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects.




Good, let him go back and play golf in Australia and take the belly putter with him. Here the real champs don't use the belly putter. The golfer that uses the regular putter is a better golfer than one that uses his belly putter. Adam knows this and he knows he won't be a real champion until he can compete at that level.