Best photos from Presidents Cup came from Amanda Dufner

Presidents Cup photos
Courtesy Amanda Dufner's Instagram
Amanda Dufner sent out some photos that captured the team atmosphere during and after the Presidents Cup.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Monday, October 07, 2013 | 12:01 p.m.
Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship and has represented his country twice in the last two years on both the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams.
He's got quite a bit going for him right now - but no matter what he accomplishes inside the ropes, his greatest win was getting married to his wife, Amanda Dufner. 
Amanda Dufner has become a golf celebrity in her own right, not only because she's instantly recognizable as one of the most attractive women seen out on Tour, but as a genuinely fun, smart and polite southern belle.
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Though she's not on Twitter, her Instagram account is a great way for folks to get some insight about her and Jason's life at home, on Tour, and everywhere in between. And that social account, with over 10,000 followers and growing fast, has made her one of the best 'follows' to see what life is like for golf's newest power couple. (Follow on Instagram)

Amanda sent out a few photos from the Presidents Cup (one of which was not taken by her but a Tour photographer) that became viral hits. Her photo of the celebration (with Tiger's arm draped around Captain Fred Couples and the actual trophy sitting on Keegan Bradley's head) had over 2000 likes and is being picked up by several media outlets. 
The photos show a different, more candid look at what the team went through on its way to a seventh straight Presidents Cup victory. They also show that as important and intense as these team competitions are, there is still time for some fun and ceremony during the week - as well as a bond that develops that shows when the event is over.
Great job by Amanda and all of Team USA for a tremendous week full of great stories, tremendous images and of course, one additional trophy for the mantle.