An anchor without the anchor?

Vijay Singh's putting stroke
Alex Miceli via Twitter
Vijay Singh is working on a new putting grip that maintains a pendulum putting stroke without actually being anchored to his body, says Alex Miceli of the Golf Channel.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 | 11:30 p.m.

We've all been talking about the proposed ban on anchoring putting strokes for the last couple of months, but one man is doing something about it.

It's no surprise that our man is wily veteran and inveterate hard worker Vijay Singh. As our friend Alex Miceli of the Golf Channel notes, Singh has been spending hours on the putting green out at Waialae Country Club in advance of the Sony Open.

Not only is he working on his stroke, Miceli noticed, Singh is also testing out an interesting new grip – he's using an anchoring stroke without the anchor.

As you can see in this photo that Miceli posted on Twitter, Singh has his left hand low on that oversized grip, while his right hand holds the top of the club as if he were going to anchor the butt of the club into his belly. Except that he doesn't – he holds the club an inch or two away from his body throughout his stroke, which would be perfectly legal under the proposed rule change.

It'll be curious to see if Singh putts this way during the tournament itself. But whether he does or doesn’t, we have to agree with Miceli's assessment that this is "just the beginning of odd strokes we will likely see."

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