The best Jason Dufner photo of the week

Jason Dufner
Amanda Dufner via Instagram
Both Jason Dufner and the Wanamaker Trophy needed some shut-eye after the PGA Championship.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | 4:02 p.m.

It's a pretty safe bet to say that Jason Dufner has had his photo taken more times in the last few days than at any other point in his life.

It's also safe to say that my favorite one is this one posted above. It was taken the morning after he won the PGA Championship by his now mega-famous wife Amanda. She posted it on her Instragram account with the caption, ''I've been replaced.''

Amanda, I don't think you've got anything to worry about. However, I do see that the Dufners have a brand-new family member – a pup named Prince Louie. Dare we ask if he has any connection to Jason's fellow major winner Louis ''King Louis'' Oosthuizen? Probably not.

The Dufners spent Tuesday making the media rounds in New York, and you can see our photo gallery of their whirlwind trip here.

Also, we have put together a comprehensive recap of Dufner's victory at the PGA Championship in our brand-new "Weekly Golf Buzz" video show. And, of course, you can relive our complete coverage of the PGA Championship on the official site.

One final note on Dufner's victory that is as cool as anything I heard all last week. Dufner apparently felt like he was going to have a good week at Oak Hill, so he and Amanda collected a few acorns to take back to the plot of land in Alabama where they're building a new house. They were going to plant them in hopes that some Oak Hill oak trees would take root.

After he won, though, Dufner arranged with Oak Hill to have a sapling from the club transported down to his property. 

''So at least that one will take root,'' Dufner said. ''I will have some trees out there, and it will be a neat experience – first major championship at Oak Hill and hopefully, have some of their oak trees out there on the property.''




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Always practicing! What a workhorse! Right now he's practicing his facial expression after holing out from the fairway from 250 yards!


Gotta love Mr. Dufner. He seems like a very humble dude. As an average weekend golfer, I know I'd be sleeping with the Wanamaker Trophy and than I'd wake up from that dream. I hope Jason Dufner wins a lot more. I am most impressed with his perseverance to come back after his missed opportunity in 2011. I also loved the fact that Keegan stuck around to congratulate him. Great group of American Golfers. USA!!!