Blue Monster bites Henrik Stenson again

Henrik Stenson at Doral
Henrik Stenson endured a second lowlight in five years at Doral on Thursday, but this time he at least got to keep his clothes on.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, March 06, 2014 | 9:42 p.m.
The newly renovated Blue Monster at Trump National Doral is eliciting a wide range of opinions from the players in the Cadillac Championship. We can forgive Henrik Stenson if his view opinion isn't as positive as some of his fellow competitors.
Why, you ask?
Well, though it's really no fault of the course, the Blue Monster gave the world No. 3 a real head-shaker of a moment on Thursday – for the second time in five years.
Stenson hit his drive down the par-4 second hole, and pulled out a wedge. Instead of sticking it close, though, he inexplicably hit a dead cold shank. The ball shot right at about a 60-degree angle, flew over the gallery and wound up a good 50 yards right of the green. 
No one ever found the ball, and Stenson wound up making a double bogey.
Now, remember up above where I said this was the second time the Blue Monster has gotten Stenson? It was right here at Doral back in 2009 when he hit a drive into the mud, setting up one of the most memorable recovery shots in PGA Tour history.
In that instance – which happened only a couple hundred yards away on the par-4 third hole – Stenson surveyed his wayward tee shot, then stripped down to his underwear and his glove and climbed down into the goop before successfully – and messily – splashing out. He explained later that he didn't want to play the rest of the day with mud all over his clothes. 
He did look great the rest of the day, but it might not have been worth it. The video of that shot remains one of the most famous, or should we say infamous, in golf history. And, he admitted later, "I'll probably take that to my grave with me."
Here are the two shots, with the shank on top and the mud ball below: