Bode Miller beans wife with golf ball, almost puts her eye out

Bode Miller and Morgan Beck Miller
Getty Images
The sunglasses that Morgan Beck Miller was wearing when her husband hit her in the face with a golf ball might have saved her eye.

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Published: Friday, December 14, 2012 | 12:57 a.m.

I have witnessed a fair amount of accidental golfer-on-golfer violence over the years. One time, I was paired with a newly retired couple, neither of whom was very good nor hit the ball very hard. On the ninth tee, however, the husband took his mightiest cut of the day and swung so far over the ball that he somehow sent it streaking between his legs, where it hit his wife square on the ankle. She went down like she'd been shot, and I had to get an ambulance out to the tee box to take her to the hospital.

That, however, pales in comparison to what skiing champion Bode Miller did to his wife on Wednesday. Here's what she tweeted:

"I'm not feeling so hot. Line drive to the face today with a golf ball from my darling husband. I still love him but #ouch."

Mrs. Miller is also known as beach volleyball star Morgan Beck Miller, and by all accounts she is pretty tough. But she almost lost an eye from her husband's wayward shot – she ended up with 50 stitches in and around her eye, and the injury could have been much worse except that she was wearing sunglasses.

Miller called the accident his "first major golf catastrophe." According to, his wife was standing behind a tree and he was trying not to hit it. But of course we all know what happens when a hacker tries not to hit something.

The photo above is of Miller and his pre-clobbered wife on Nov. 30 at the FIS Alpine World Cup Men's Downhill on Nov. 30 in Beaver Creek, Colo. The images of her post-clobbered eye are pretty gruesome, so I've chosen not to post them here. If you want to see them, click here.

And on a final note, she later tweeted a thank you to Kaenon, the company who made her sunglasses, for the fact that the lens didn't break when the ball hit it. That, I would say, is a pretty good endorsement.