Bubba Watson shows off his latest set of wheels: a Garia golf cart

Bubba Watson and Garia golf cart
Bubba Watson via Twitter
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Monday, January 06, 2014 | 2:43 p.m.
If all you knew of Bubba Watson was what you saw him driving over the last year or two, you might assume he's an Air Force test pilot or a NASCAR star instead of one of golf's best players. After all, he's the proud owner of the General Lee, he spent some time tooling around in a hovercraft and for Christmas he got a brand-new Corvette.
Today, though, Bubba has gone back to his golfing roots. He tweeted out a photo of his latest four-wheeled acquisition – a Garia golf cart.
Garia is a high-end golf cart maker, and says its carts are made in the same factory where the Porsche Boxster and Cayman were produced. Judging by the photo, Bubba's new ride is a Garia LSV model, which has a maxmum speed of 25 mph and a maximum range of 40 miles, and is made to be street legal in many jurisdictions. Among its options are a refrigerator and a stereo system. 
And if Garia sounds familiar to you, it might be beause Paula Creamer got one in the summer of 2012. The seatbacks on hers are festooned with the ''Pink Panther'' logo. Bubba's seatbacks say ''BubbaGolf'' on them.
For more info on Garia, check out the company's web site. And for a quick look at Paula's cart and Bubba's vehicles of 2013, take a look below: