The connection between the election and golf

Barack Obama
Courtesy of the White House
Barack Obama is continuing a streak of golfing presidents that stretches back more than two decades.

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Published: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 | 1:46 a.m.

There are as many facts and fallacies about the presidential election floating around as there are opinions, but here’s a direct connection between the White House and the golf industry: Barack Obama’s re-election means that golfers have won nine straight presidential elections dating back to 1980, and eight of the last nine presidential losers were non-golfers.

The last non-golfer to win the White House was Jimmy Carter in 1980, and to get there he defeated a golfer, Gerald Ford. Since then, golfers have won nine straight presidential elections – and the only golfer to lose in that stretch was George H. W. Bush, who lost to another golfer, Bill Clinton, in 1992.

Here is the full list of the golf winning streak:

--2012: Barack Obama (golfer) def. Mitt Romney (non-golfer)
--2008: Barack Obama (golfer) def. John McCain (non-golfer)
--2004: George W. Bush (golfer) def. John Kerry (non-golfer)
--2000: George W. Bush (golfer) def. Al Gore (non-golfer)
--1996: Bill Clinton (golfer) def. Bob Dole (non-golfer)
--1992: Bill Clinton (golfer) def. George H.W. Bush (golfer)
--1988: George H.W. Bush (golfer) def. Michael Dukakis (non-golfer)
--1984: Ronald Reagan (golfer) def. Walter Mondale (non-golfer)
--1980: Ronald Reagan (golfer) def. Jimmy Carter (non-golfer)