Davis Love already up and putting

Davis Love III
Davis Love III via Twitter
The photo on the left shows the device implanted into Davis Love III's neck on Friday, while the image on the right shows Love and Tucker Anderson on the putting green.

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Published: Saturday, February 09, 2013 | 8:54 p.m.

In this post, we will formally conclude our tee-to-green coverage of Davis Love III's neck surgery by passing along the news that the 20-time PGA Tour winner is up and around, and even putting already. In fact, on Saturday – one day after his neck surgery – Love tweeted out photos of his new addition and his first putting contest with Tucker Anderson, the son of 2010 PGA of America Instructor of the Year Todd Anderson.

No doubt Love will need a little while to get used to the device in his neck – I say this from experience, as my wife had a three-pronged metal plate that looks like a demented gardening tool embedded in her wrist a few years ago – but soon enough he'll forget it's there and his neck should be better than ever.

Love can also look to reigning LPGA Tour Player of the Year Stacy Lewis for inspiration. Lewis, of course, suffered from scoliosis in her youth and wore a back brace for seven years. When that didn't correct the curve in her back, she underwent surgery in which a titanium rod and five screws were implanted in her spine.

In fact, she was one of the first of Love's peers to reach out to him after his surgery. On Saturday, she tweeted him: ''Welcome to the club!''