Dinosaur-sized alligator takes a stroll on South Carolina golf course

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Fripp Island Activity Center on Facebook
Alligators on golf courses just seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Wednesday, June 07, 2017 | 1:56 p.m.

Lately it feels like alligators on golf courses are trying to one-up one another.

Just when I think I've blogged about the biggest gator I've ever seen, BOOM, another sneaks up (as much as something that looks the size of an alligator can sneak up) and proves me wrong.

The latest example comes from the Ocean Point Golf Links at Fripp Island in South Carolina, where -- according to the Fripp Island Activity Center -- this monster of a gator took a stroll across the course's fourth fairway:

Here's the post from Fripp Island Activity Center:

This American alligator traveled down the 4th fairway of Ocean Point Golf Links at Fripp Island this evening! While a small crowd of humans and deer kept watch, he paid us no mind and had only his next pond in his sights. We measured a spot in the grass where this big male laid down, and he measured just short of 12 feet! If you ever see a gator travelling out of water, stay back and let him continue his journey. It's amazing to be able to observe and coexist with these ancient giants, and respect is key! Video by Jessica Miller #onlyonfripp #seeyoulateralligator #bigalwho #naturalistprobs

I must say, I do enjoy experiencing these gator encounters on video rather than in person.

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