Dwyane Wade gives Masters green jackets as Christmas gifts to his Miami Heat teammates

Miami Heat wearing Masters green jackets
Dwyane Wade via Instagram
Dwyane Wade said he and his Miami Heat teammates were ''channeling our inner Masters w/ the green jackets" at the Heat Christmas party.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Monday, December 23, 2013 | 9:05 p.m.
Here in the dead of winter, it's hard for us golfers not to cast our thoughts ahead to the first part of April, when the Masters unfolds before us. Apparently, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade also has Augusta National on the brain.
At the Heat's annual Christmas party, Wade presented Masters-like green jackets to the players from last season's championship squad. I say Masters-like because the jackets aren't exact replicas. For one thing, they have the players' numbers on the sleeves. 
But Wade was clearly going for the ''tradition unlike any other,'' because when he posted an Instagram photo of his teammates wearing the green garb, he added: ''Channeling our inner Masters w/ the green jackets…#Lovemyteam #MastersGolf #wedowhatwewant #grownmenish.''
LeBron James also shared a team photo on his Instragram account, and said: ''@dwyanewade is in the giving mood tonight! Gave everyone from our championship team last year a green jacket reminiscing of the Masters! Unbelievably thought out! Fashion at the same time! Crazy! #TheHeatles #ChannelingOurInnerMastersAtGolf #RoleWithTheWinners.''
The players look very dapper in their jackets – even Chris ''Birdman'' Anderson there in the middle. I think my favorite part is that Wade, well known as one of the NBA's best-dressed men, is wearing those, shall we say, ''festive'' red pants.
And by the way, the Masters tees off on Thursday, April 10.