Fact or fiction: Every scenario for Tiger Woods' 2013 season

Tiger Woods
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The question every golf observer wants the answer to: What will the 2013 season be like for Tiger Woods?

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Published: Monday, January 28, 2013 | 9:32 a.m.

What kind of season is 2013 going to be for Tiger Woods?

That's always the question golf observers pose, isn't it? Well, he began the season two weeks ago in Abu Dhabi and missed the cut. Today, he brings a healthy six-shot lead with just 11 holes left to play in the weather-interrupted Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines -- a place where he's been more dominant than anyone else in the game's history.

Sure, it isn't over yet, but based on his history at Torrey, we don't think Tiger will be walking away later this afternoon without Tour victory No. 75.

This, however, is just one tournament. And no doubt, winning in his 2013 season debut on the PGA Tour is exactly the way Tiger wanted to set the tone for what's to come.

But, there will be several factors Tiger will face this year that will determine the kind of success he can achieve. Many he can control and many he cannot.

BleacherReport.com's Mike Dudurich examines a number of scenarios Tiger could find himself in this season and tells us whether these scenarios will play out (fact), or not (fiction):

Tiger Woods is one of the most complex athletes in sports.

On the course, off the course, he does things that few others can do or have even dreamed of doing.

And because he is who he is, speculation, rumor and innuendo are always associated with him.

So why wouldn't it be fun to put together a list playing a little fact or fiction with all things Tiger for 2013?

Could another injury doom Tiger? Dudurich thinks so:

He seems to have rounded back into shape and appears to be healthier than he's been in several years.

His new swing, while still in its early stages, will take less of a toll on his 37-year-old body.

But because he's already had problems with his Achilles tendon and a bulging disc in his neck, he might be susceptible to problems in those areas again.

Conclusion: Fact

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