Best memories of dad and golf

Father's Day golf memories
Reader submitted photo
A father works with his son on the driving range. / Reader submitted photo

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Published: Friday, June 13, 2014 | 12:32 p.m.

By, Staff

Heading into Father’s Day weekend, asked Facebook fans for their favorite golf course memories with dad. The responses, many including photos, were fantastic.




Some were remarkable.

“My dad didn’t have the use of his legs from age of 3 and only saw me play golf once. I got a cart for us one day and it broke down on the last hill on the 18th hole. He walked the 150 metres in his calipers in summer, a memory I shall never forget. RIP Dad.”– Shane Arthur.

Some made you smile.

“My son watched me make a hole in one this Monday.” – Phillip Werner.

Some recalled life-long lessons.

“Can remember my dad throwing his driver and then telling me wanted to show me how bad it looked to throw clubs.”– Steve Harris

Some were touching.

“Best time of my life was on the golf course with my dad. At his funeral we all got green repair tools with his name on the ball marker. I use it every time I play and know he’s with me on the course. Miss ya dad.” – Tom Schipper

And some made you chuckle.

“My dad was a horrendous golfer at best, however made one of hell of an effort to teach all four of his kids to play golf.

My father was a former caddie at an upscale course in the Pittsburgh area as a high school student and took notice of how many “business transactions” would take place while rounds were being played between club members.

He always told us that ‘you don’t have to be great at golf, I just want you to feel comfortable on the course.’

When I was 15 and my older brother 16 he took us golfing for his birthday. We all hit great drives on #5 at Hidden Valley (PA). When I stepped up to my approach shot he said..”Hold off for a second (5 second pause) your mother and I were talking, (5 second pause) I’m 45 years old and I don’t want to be a grandfather! Do you understand me?”

My brother and I both laughed and said ‘yes.’

That was “THE TALK for us!  I’ll never forget it!”– Max Young

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. You can read all the Facebook responses below. Or submit your own ...