Getting LOUD at the Olympics

LoudMouth Golf at the Olympics
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Loudmouth Golf outfitted the United States beach volleyball team of Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser.

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Published: Saturday, August 04, 2012 | 1:40 p.m.

About six years ago, I was walking through the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and came across an apparel booth that certainly stood out.  I vividly recall telling the guys in the booth, "Your clothes are obnoxious, your music is too loud and I'd never wear that...I bet you guys make millions." We become fast friends. 

Two years later, I see my new friends at Loudmouth Golf at the PGA Championship - and they are walking with their newest endorser at the time - John Daly.  I invite them to meet some friends of mine in the media center.  Everyone points and laughs...but then later asks me if I can help them get a discount on some of their pants. 

Two years after that, I turn on the Winter Olympics and they have outfitted the Norwegian Curling team.  The worldwide demand for their pants shoot up so dramatically, they have some serious problems meeting the demand for a few months. (A great problem to have mind you, but nevertheless, a probelm.)

This year, they put their marketing power behind the 2008 gold medal winning beach volleyball team Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser. Todd and Phil had a good run but were elimnated earlier today from medal contention. So does this mean a bad week for Loudmouth Golf? Um, quite the contrary.  

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