Golfer uses driver to fend off deer in home

Deer on golf course
The PGA of America
It's very common for golfers to see deer - just not in their house.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Friday, November 22, 2013 | 11:54 a.m.

Callaway Golf has enjoyed a great resurgence in the past year, producing clubs that swing faster, hit the ball higher, improve accuracy, fight off wild animals. Wait, what?

A homeowner in Sugar Grove, Ill. recently confronted a home invader with the one weapon he had available. That weapon was his prized Callaway driver, the invader was a deer.

The homeowner, 71-year-old Keith Mohr, was in the shower when he heard his wife screaming. Buck naked (get it?), he came out to confront the six-point deer causing havoc in his townhouse. After shouting at the animal failed to get him to leave (go figure), he grabbed his trusty Callaway RAZR X club and took some swings at the animal.

Since both Callaway and the deer have expertise in woods (OK, that was weak), the battle was pretty much an expected draw. Mohr was able to knock an antler off the deer (Callaway drivers have a larger sweet spot), but the club was broken in the exchange (Go see your local PGA Professional for club repairs!).

Ultimately, Mohr opened another window and the deer escaped outside. Mohr's home also took a beating, but his insurance company is expected to cover the damage, saving him lots of doe. (C'mon, this is a hard story to write!)

Mohr is unsure how many swings he took at the deer, but probably wrote down a 5. Incidentally, Callaway Golf is going to send Mr. Mohr a new driver. It was, Chad Coleman of Callaway said, "the least we could doe." 

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