Grip it and sip it, says John Daly of his new drink

the Original John Daly Cocktail
Courtesy of the Original John Daly Cocktail
The Original John Daly Cocktail will debut in bottles and cans at BevMo stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Monday, December 10, 2012 | 11:56 p.m.

Almost everyone who's ever swung a golf club knows that an 'Arnold Palmer' is a (delicious) blend of iced tea and lemonade. But did you know that a 'John Daly' is an Arnold Palmer with a shot of vodka?

A lot of people do know that, and a lot of bars and restaurants have been serving them for several years -- and Daly didn't like that. He even accused some of these establishments with trademark infringement, and asked his Twitter followers to let him know when they ran across places were serving the drinks without his permission.

Now, though, Daly -- who doesn't drink anymore -- is doing something about it.  

Daly is coming out with the Original John Daly Cocktail, which features a shot of vodka in either sweet tea lemonade, peach tea lemonade or raspberry tea lemonade. The best part about this 30-proof refreshment might be its tagline: Grip It & Sip It.

John Daly cocktails will debut in BevMo stores throughout California, Arizona and Nevada, Daly said on Twitter. And, according to the Original John Daly Cocktail page on Facebook, they are also "coming soon to a beverage cart, restaurant, bar and 19th hole near you!"

Golf buddies who partake more than me say that some people who drink John Dalys like to add a splash of orange juice to give it a little tang. And if you make a John Daly but use Everclear instead of vodka, that's called a 'Happy Gilmore.'