Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite golfers

Sara 'No H' Brown's Thanksgiving spread
Sara 'No H' Brown via Twitter
Sara 'No H' Brown and her pals produced an awe-inspiring spread. Not surprisingly, her final Twitter hashtag was : #CantMove

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Published: Thursday, November 22, 2012 | 8:18 p.m.

In our house, we do Thanksgiving a little different than most. And by that, I mean we eat Thanksgiving dinner at dinner time.

This is mainly because we know that if we dined at mid-day, we’d end up eating all day long and would pack on a few thousand more calories than we need to. By eating in the evening, we get the full Thanksigving experience, and then when the inevitable tryptophan coma kicks in, we can just call it a day and fall into bed.

Also, my wife prefers to curse at her beloved Cowboys while she’s cooking instead of while she’s eating. And boy, you shoulda heard her in the first half …

Anyway, while I was shielding my eyes from the horror unfolding at Jerry World, I took a look at social media to see how the world of golf was commemorating Thanksgiving. The short answer is: a lot of heartfelt, 140-character declarations of thanks, and even more pictures of food.

I’ve collected some of the best Turkey Day photos from some of golf’s most prominent players -- from Arron Oberholser to Paula Creamer to Ben Crane to Kevin Streelman -- and put them into a photo gallery. You can see it here.

We’re thankful that you chose to drop by PGA.com today, and we wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.