Hunter Mahan tweet prompts response from Tim McCarver

Yasiel Puig
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Yasiel Puig's triple provoked a Twitter-to-TV discussion about unwritten rules in baseball and golf.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 | 11:41 p.m.

The Detroit Tigers were comfortably ahead of the Boston Red Sox late in Game 4 of the American League Division Series Wednesday night – no doubt to the consternation of my New England-based colleague T.J. Auclair – when Fox analyst Tim McCarver brought golf into the conversation.

McCarver referenced a tweet that Hunter Mahan sent out during the National League playoff game on Tuesday that said: ''If players are so upset at Puig celebrating a triple or clutch hits then get him out. I'm tired of hearing about baseball's unwritten rules.''



Mahan was referring to an incident in the Los Angeles Dodgers-St. Louis Cardinals game in which Dodger rookie Yasiel Puig reacted with his usual exuberance to a triple, prompting some fans to wonder whether the Cardinals ought to plunk him in retaliation.


But Mahan's tweet got McCarver – or at least McCarver's producers – thinking about a retort. What they came up with were their own suggestions for poking holes in some of golf's unwritten rules. I'm paraphrasing them, but here they are:

--Let the pros wear shorts in 110-degree weather.

--Talk anytime your opponent is hitting, and talk loudly.

--Step on your opponent’s putting line.

--Drive into the foursome in front of you.


As McCarver's announcing partner Joe Buck noted, it's actually a written rule that PGA Tour players must wear long pants, though of course caddies have the right to wear shorts on hot days. As for the others, well, to me they're more recommendations to be rude than anything else.

As the baseball game moved along, McCarver noted that, though he didn't know Mahan, ''he would get a kick out of something like that if he has a sense of humor, and I assume he does.''

Mahan, of course, seemed please that  his tweet was noticed.





Anyone who's seen a Golf Boys video – or even Mahan's Ping commercials with Bubba Watson and Lee Westwood – knows that Mahan indeed has a sense of humor. I'm not sure, however, that this little baseball interlude would give him much of a chuckle.