Intangibles punctuate Couples entry into Hall

Fred Couples
The PGA of America
Fred Couples has meant more to golf than an already impressive number of wins and accomplishments

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Published: Friday, October 05, 2012 | 5:30 p.m.


One item that's been making the buzz around golf circles over the last few weeks - including at the Ryder Cup, has been out loud debates over the merits of Fred Couples as the most recent inductee into the World Golf Hall of Fame.  
My reaction has been consistent, which is to say: "Are you kidding me? Who's questioning this?"
Yes, the numbers are the numbers and I won't argue that there are golfers - some that will not end up immortalized in St. Augustine - that have comparable or even better lifetime stats. Still, 15 wins and a major championsihp on the PGA Tour and 8 more wins on the Champions Tour - as well as his influence and participation as a Ryder Cup player and assistant captain (and a recurring role as captain of the Presidents Cup) is nothing to sneeze at. 
There are a million places to view his career accomplishments, no need for me to list them all.  But if you really want, here's a good listing of his golf resume
And how do you measure perhaps the greatest impact of Fred Couples career and influence on golf - his ability to attract fans and players to the game? I've been to a few Champions Tour events - and there's basically Fred Couples and everyone else (in terms of crowd size).  Heck, I've been to a few practice rounds at the Masters and there aren't five players out there that draw a bigger crowd.  Isn't that the type of golfer we should be celebrating?
Tom Spencer of CBS Sports recently wrote a great piece about Couples and his induction into the Hall of Fame.  Take a look and appreciate that Couples' career and contributions certainly deserve to be a permanent fixture in the history of the game.