James Hahn goes 'Gangnam style' for 'Extra' TV

Jesper Parnevik, Mario Lopez, Maria Menounos and James Hahn
Kristy Owens of Cobra Golf via Twitter
James Hahn (right) and fellow player Jesper Parnevik (left) put in some "Extra" work with co-hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos on Wednesday at Riviera.

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Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013 | 1:37 a.m.

I don't often see the TV show ''Extra.'' In fact, I can't honestly say I remember what time or even what channel it's on. But I might have to find it next Monday.

Why? Because the ''Extra'' crew spent part of Wednesday out at the Northern Trust Open, where they hung out with James Hahn. The PGA Tour rookie, of course, made every newscast in America a couple weeks ago, when he broke out the ''Gangnam Style'' moves on the notorious par-3 16th hole during the Phoenix Open.

And that – not Tiger Woods' runaway victory at Torrey Pines or Phil Mickelson's near-59 in Phoenix or Brandt Snedeker's big win at Pebble Beach – caught the ''Extra'' crew's attention.

But hey, ''Extra'' is an entertainment program, not a golf show, so catching up with Hahn makes perfect sense. And hey, seeing golfers on ''Extra'' is a darn sight better than seeing them on ''TMZ.'' Am I right?

Cobra Golf PR rep Kristy Owens ‏tweeted out the photo above late Wednesday, showing Hahn (far right), with Cobra's Jesper Parnevik (left) and ''Extra’s'' Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos (I triple-checked how to spell ''Menounos.'') Hahn also tweeted about his day, saying it was is first experience filming for ''Extra'' and telling us to tune in to see who wins the putting competition they had.

His hashtags cracked me up, too. He closed his twitter post with #ganghahnstyle and #asianbradpitt. Too bad he only had 140 characters, or he could've added "breakoutstar."