Johnny Manziel made Jason Dufner very happy Thursday night

Johnny Manziel
Jason Dufner via Twitter
Jason Dufner was thrilled that his hometown Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel.
By John Holmes

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Published: Thursday, May 08, 2014 | 11:08 p.m.
Just about the time the first round of The Players Championship ended on Thursday, the National Football League draft began. And the PGA Tour players were all in – especially when it came to Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.
"Johnny Football" dominated the chatter – both positive and negative – among the tour players throughout the evening, and his eventual selection by the Cleveland Browns brought a big reaction from Cleveland native Jason Dufner.
The Duf most defintely wasn't happy early, when the Browns traded down from No. 4.
"Each year I get excited for the Browns draft day, and each year I watch them trade picks and end up drafting less then 6 players," Dufner tweeted. "Awesome!!!"
Soon thereafter, Dallas resident Hunter Mahan wondered whether Manziel might be headed to Minnesota. 
"I don't think so," replied Billy Horschel. "His style of play doesn't fit with AP as your running back."
Mahan, however, wasn't convinced. "How many Super Bowls has AP won?," he asked. "They need a QB. He needs Manziel."
"Don't disagree," Horschel replied to Mahan. "But I don't think Manziel is the right QB."
Meanwhile, Ed Loar kicked in a vote for his hometown Cowboys to grab Johnny Football. "Please let Johnny fall to #16," he tweeted. "It'd be awesome to listen to @dfwticket if Jerra drafted him!!"
That brought this quick response from another DFW denizen, Paul Stankowski: "That's just mean. Please No!"
All this brought us down to the ninth pick, which Cleveland got from Buffalo.
"You know it, get ready for it!!!," Dufner said, posting a doctored photo of Manziel in a Browns uniform.
Mahan agreed: "Johnny football to Cleveland!!"
The Browns, however, didn't go there. Instead, they selected defensive back Justin Gilbert from Mahan's alma mater, Oklahoma State.
At that point, Horschel tweeted Dufner with a simple: "?????????????????"
Dufner was either flabbergasted or dropped his phone, because there was no immediate response.
Fort Worth resident J.J. Killeen had an answer, though. His tweet: "Browns? #MistakeByTheLake."
Manziel's continuing presence on the draft board brought out some serious anxiety among Cowboys fans who most definitely did not want him in Big D.
SMU product and former U.S. Amateur champion Kelly Kraft pleaded: "Please please someone take Johnny Manziel before Jerry Jones gets the opportunity to do something stupid!"
Brad Fritsch echoed that sentiment. "Oh my god, PLEASE don't let Johnny Manziel be available when the Cowboys pick," he tweeted. "I like him, he could be great...but please no. #Jerrymove."
Horschel, however, predicted that Johnny football would indeed wind up in Dallas. "I think Dallas picks Manziel if he falls to them," he tweeted. "Jerry is a money making man and he knows how much more he will make with Johnny. #texasboy."
Killeen then joked that the "Browns are gonna trade up to get that dude from Michigan that @clownejd decapitated" in that now-famous highlight.
Then it came time for the Cowboys to pick, and indeed – as some had predicted – Johnny Football almost broke Twitter.
--Colt Knost: "Don't do it jerry!!!!"
--Cliff Kresge: "Johnny "Dallas Football" Manziel.... Sounds pretty good."
--Jason Enloe: "This just in. Cowboys make another bad draft pick.#defensewinschampionships."
--Paul Stankowski: "Hahahahhahahahahaaaahaahaa."
--Jordan Spieth: "Here it comes.. Are we going to take #Manziel."
--Hunter Mahan: "do it Jerry!!!"
--Joe Ogilvie: "Draft Johnny Football, trade Tony Romo for a defender."
And the Cowboys – passed on Manziel, taking offensive lineman Zack Martin out of Notre Dame instead.
--Paul Stankowski : "Whew."
--Brad Fritsch: "THANK YOU. Someone locked Jerry in the bathroom without his phone."
--Kelly Kraft: "Thank you Jerry!!"
--Hunter Mahan: "Wow."
--Kyle Thompson: "If I was Johnny Football I'd have my nose buried in a book right now. #nothingtoseehere."
--Tom Gillis: "Johnny football better go get a sub or a sandwich. He's could be in for a long haul. @krisblanks might get drafted before him."
One person who definitely loved the Cowboys' pick was Dufner. He again tweeted his photo of Manziel in a Browns uniform, and said, "Yes it's happening..."
Things calmed down for a few minutes – until Cleveland came up again with the 22nd pick. Manziel was still on the board. 
"Hunter Mahan: "Here you go @JasonDufner!!"
And, finally, the Browns came through for Dufner and all his fellow long-suffering fans.
"Yes!!!!!," Dufner tweeted, quickly followed by: "Yes yes yes yes!!!!!"
"Browns are gonna be fun to watch next year!!!!!!," Troy Merritt tweeted.
"Pretty sure Cleveland just stole a franchise QB. Worth the risk IMO," Brad Fritsch ‏agreed.
One dissenting note came from Ed Loar, who opined: "Cleveland..where QB's go to die."
There was no tempering Dufner's enthusiasm, though. He ended his long, nerve-wracking night with one final tweet: