At least it's not snowing – oh, wait!

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 | 2:32 p.m.

The weather has been challenging, to say the least, today at the PGA Championship, where there already have been three weather delays for thunder, lightning and one epic downpour. Crazily enough, that’s not even the wackiest weather weirdness of the day affecting golf.

That honor goes to the Sunshine Big Easy Tour event down in Pretoria, South Africa, where Tuesday’s first round was delayed by snow.

Yup, for the first time in the history of southern Africa’s Sunshine Tour, an event was affected by snowfall. Play in the 36-hole tournament was halted at Maccauvlei Golf Club, and tournament officials are monitoring the situation.

“What started as a fresh morning on the banks of the Vaal River soon became an icy affair as snow built up around the course,” said a report on the Sunshine Tour's website.

While some players weathered it out in the halfway house, the story said, many took advantage of the rare weather conditions and made snow angels and had snowball fights.

According to South African news reports, this is the first time Pretoria has gotten snow since 1968.
Good news for the golfers – the high on Wednesday is supposed to be around 54 degrees Farenheit, so the show should be gone. The bad news – there’s a 40 percent chance of rain. The average high temperature for this time of year in Pretoria is about 75 degrees.