Limited Edition Kikkor Masterer is truly one of a kind

Kikkor Masterer
Here's a peak at the Kikkor Masterer limited edition shoe.

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Published: Sunday, April 14, 2013 | 5:24 p.m.


We've touched on it quite a bit these last few weeks -- it seems every golf company out there has done something special specifically for the Masters.
Well, this late entry by Kikkor Golf is by far the coolest. These special, limited-edition Kikkor Masterer shoes are so sweet I can't stop looking at them. And, unfortunately, you can't buy them. Otherwise, I'd get a pair to put on my desk and just stare at them all day.
Here's the description of the shoe sent out by Kikkor:
Perhaps the most epic shoe we have ever made, maybe even the most epic golf shoe ever made, the Limited Edition Kikkor Masterer is truly one of a kind (only one pair made!). Hand painted by Social Statement, it features two of golf’s most notable Masterers, Jack and Arnie, along with the unmistakable Masters Leaderboard, and unique Kikkor-Masterer branding.
Purchasing Info
100% of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice. You can bid on the item on eBay, or buy it outright now for the listed $5,000 USD.
Sizing Note
Pair is US men's size 9, but really, are you going to play in these shoes? We suggest you keep them to the trophy case.
The shoes are primarily green and yellow, but they feature Jack Nicklaus on the right foot and Arnold Palmer on the left, as well as the famous Masters leaderboard (both inside and out).
The starting bid on these bad boys is a whooping $5,000. The auction/sale ends Wednesday, April 17th, at 6 p.m. PDT.
UPDATE: Our friends at Kikkor tweeted to let us know that the buy price is $5,000 -- the bidding started at $200.
Still interested?
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