Michelle McGann helps grow the game

Michelle McGann
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Michelle McGann is helping grow the game through a new initiative called Fairway Friends.

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Published: Thursday, August 09, 2012 | 12:53 p.m.

Major championships always bring out a who’s who of golf – like Butch Harmon standing impatiently in line at the local grocery store behind the PGA.com crew last night. But there are also people within the game who are at Kiawah to help spread important messages. 

LPGA veteran Michelle McGann is one of those.

Michelle is the spokesperson for Fairway Friends, a new initiative by the Executive Women’s Golf Association designed to bring women into the game through their friendships with other women.

"Our main mission is to get more working women involved in golf," Michelle told me over coffee before she headed out to watch the first round. "To do that we established this program where you can be a mentor; you can, as someone who plays golf, grab someone who doesn’t know much about golf and introduce them to the game."

Fairway Friends is exactly the kind of growth-of-the-game program the PGA of America supports through Golf 2.0. 

"Those of us who have played golf all our lives take for granted the little things like, what do you wear? What do you say? What is an iron or a wood? What is the etiquette? That is where a mentor can help a friend become more comfortable and feel more welcome when they start.

"Those of us in the game can look back now and see that so many of the long-term friendships we have were established in golf. So, we should really try to bring other women into it to experience that same long-term bond."

It is these kinds of efforts from good people like Michelle McGann and others that will keep golf growing for decades to come.