New book: An American Caddie in St. Andrews

An American Caddie in St. Andrews
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"An American Caddie in St. Andrews," by Oliver Horovitz, goes on sale Thursday, March 14.

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Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 | 11:02 a.m.


I recently received a copy of a new book entitled, "An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course," (Gotham Books) which goes on sale tomorrow, March 14.
It's a lovely memoir by 26-year-old American Oliver Horovitz, who has spent the last seven summers caddying at the Old Course.
It's quite interesting how Horovitz became a St. Andrews looper. 
As a senior in high school, Horovitz was given a deferred admission to Harvard College. He had been accepted, but had to first take a "gap year." 
During the gap year, Horovitz went to St. Andrews University, where he studied English, played on the golf team and enjoyed the school's 70/30 girl-to-boy ratio (Prince William was even enrolled there at the time). 
Since many of Horovitz's friends decided to stay and caddie at St. Andrews in the summer, he chose to do the same. That's where the story takes off.
Needless to say, Horovitz wasn't immediately "taken under the wing" of veteran caddies, but his hard work paid off and he eventually earned their respect.
"As soon as I started caddying in St. Andrews, back when I was 18, I knew that I'd stumbled into a special place," Horovitz said. "The Scots with which I was sharing bench space -- Bruce Sorley, Big Malcky, Wee Eck, Switchy, Boozy, Loopy -- these were guys that had looped for Presidents, for Arnold Palmer, for Tiger Woods. They were as old school as the Old Course. And I wanted to be like them. Each summer that I returned, the caddie shack became more and more central to my particular life. Now, with, 'An American Caddie in St. Andrews,' I want to share my story, and some unforgettable characters who ply their trade on the Old Course's famous 120 acres."
Once Horovitz went back home following his gap year to attend Harvard, he ended up homesick... for St. Andrews. 
A press release explains:
A cheap plane ticket purchased for the next summer's break and 20 sleepless hours later, Oliver is back where he belongs: on the links in St. Andrews. His adventures on the Old Course continue and include hosting secret evening training sessions with "Model Caddies" -- 25 beautiful University of St. Andrewss co-eds who founded a rival caddie program on the Old Course; debauched nights on the town throughout St. Andrews' numerous pubs; caddying for the likes of Larry David and Huey Lewis; and finding love (or something like it) for the first time.
This, fellow lovers of golf, is a must read.
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