Nick Faldo's attempt to ditch a cupcake goes hilariously wrong

Gary Player and Nick Faldo at the Humana Challenge
Coutesy the Golf Channel
Gary Player really didn't want Nick Faldo to eat a cupcake on the Golf Channel Friday.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Friday, January 17, 2014 | 10:10 p.m.
Out where I live, cupcakes are a big deal. So much so that arguably the most popular food truck in my neighborhood is the silver ''Hey Cupcake'' Airstream trailer that almost always has a line of eager customers in front of it.
I admit to indulging a bit more than I should, but those things – especially the Carrot Cake ones – are so darn good. 
Nick Faldo is obviously a cupcake fan, too, and he was trying to enjoy one on the set during the Golf Channel's broadcast from the Humana Challenge on Friday. Unfortunately for him, his special guest at the time was Gary Player.
As Faldo prepared to take a big bite, ''Mr. Fitness'' playfully took a whack at the bright pink calorie bomb. Faldo immediately tried to get rid of the offending pastry, and tossed it back over his shoulder – where it hit the back wall of the booth, and stuck in a perfectly upright position.
That one-in-a-million occurrence cracked up both Faldo and Player, so at least they found some common cupcake ground. The video clip ends with the cupcake still clinging heroically to the wall, and I'm wondering what finally happened to it. Cupcake lover that I am, my hope is that, after Player left, Faldo scraped it off the wall and ate it.
Here's the video: