An outside of the (tee) box Valentine's Day golf gift has plenty of fun, unique golf gear (including polos, hats and jackets), but they also have a special Valentine's Day golf-inspired line of products including these pillows and eye/sleep masks.

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Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | 10:59 a.m.

OK, lovers, Valentine's Day is sneaking up on you. What are you going to get that loved one? The old, reliable, cliche flowers and a box of chocolates?

Why not think outside of the (tee) box this year?

A company called, "" has some truly unique gifts -- some for on the course, some for off the course and some for pure relaxation.

Joseph Coonick, the owner and creator of, has put a serious spin on the "country club" look -- he's actually turned it upside down.

"I started after a futile attempt to find a golf inspired t-shirt that I would wear," Coonick told "Everything I found was over-the-top cartoonish designs that I wouldn't be caught dead in and they made me wonder if they were even created by a golfer. So I took it upon myself to come up with a few designs. After high praise from golfers of all skill levels for these original designs, I started Originally, starting out with t-shirt designs only, demand for my 'victor' skull logo became so high that I was forced to expand my line to polos, outerwear, towels and hats. I will always strive to provide golfers with designs that come from 'outside the tee-box.'  I've been an avid golfer since age 5 and have had my handicap in the single digits. Combine that love of golf with my unique and subversive punk rock/industrial/goth inspiration, and you've got something in the golf apparel world that's never been scene before."

That's the truth. Coonick's designs might not be for everyone, but that's the thing -- they're not meant to be.

As for his Valentine's Day-inspired items, well, anyone would like those.

"I came up with my golf-inspired Valentine's Day designs because I wanted to create items that screamed golf, but not because they were of use on the golf course," he explained. "I also wanted an item that would pamper the customer as well as provide a therapeutic benefit. My Valentine's Day designs are hand made from the finest fabrics and filled with all natural organic fills including flax seeds, buckwheat hulls and lavender blossoms (also available unscented). The calming attributes of these designs make for a healthy mind and body yet are fully functional pieces of soft sculpture. Flowers eventually die, chocolates find their way to the hips and fancy dinners are soon forgotten; yet Valentine's Day gifts keep on giving for years and years." offers polos, t-shirts and jackets for men and women, as well as hilarious designs just for kids.

Hats, towels, pillows, eye/sleep masks and keyboard wrist relax cushions are also available.

If you like one-of-a-kind gear, is for you. The t-shirts, in particular, are both edgy and clever. Here's an example of the wording you can find on some of the t-shirts: "Make birdies, not war"; "Birth.Golf.Death. -- Get busy golfing or get busy dying"; "WARNING: My golf swing is graphic in nature and may be considered disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised."

The bottom line: Along with comfort, is downright fun.

"I try to provide the ultimate selection of modern golf apparel for the course and street," Coonick said. "My t-shirt designs allow golfers to show their love of the great game of a golf off the course in an intellectual, hip and unique way. My on-course apparel provides golfers with an unconventional look while maintaining the most technologically advanced fabrics and designs to benefit their game. For example, my 'wicked rain jacket,' will not hinder your swing yet will keep you dry under the most formidable wet conditions on the course or your next whaling expedition, while my new 'maxx jacket' will have you looking slick and unconventional on the first tee or in a mosh pit."

To see all that has to offer, visit their website here.

You can also check out on Twitter and on Facebook.

As Coonick so eloquently says, "Golf now -- die later."

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