Peter Sagan and fellow pro cyclists play 'bike golf'

Peter Sagan
Tinkoff Saxo via YouTube
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Friday, February 27, 2015 | 4:00 p.m.
If you follow the Tour de France or some of the world's other elite cycling events, you're probably familiar with Peter Sagan. The 25-year-old from Slovakia has become one of the sport's great sprinters, and owns several race wins and individual stage victories thanks to his speed on the bike.
He's pedaling a lot slower in a video just posted by his Tinkoff Saxo team – because he's playing "bike golf." He and a teammate, during their "spring training" in Sicily last month, played a little golf by flicking golf balls toward the cup with their bike tires.
I have to admit I seized up a little bit when I first saw the riders pedaling so close to the flagstick – as someone who worked on a golf course in my teens, I still react strongly to any cuts or bruises on the putting surface. But seeing as how both players are on bikes, I guess maybe it's okay – though I’m glad that's not my home course they're using.
You see the "bike golf" video below. You can click here to see a video of Sagan's 2014 highlights (cycling, not golf) and click here for more on Sagan's Tinkoff Saxo squad.