President Obama plays golf on his birthday

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Sunday, August 05, 2012 | 12:34 a.m.

Did you play golf on Saturday? President Obama did – in fact, he celebrated his 51st birthday with a round of golf with what the Associated Press called "a small group of friends and aides that included White House chef Sam Kass, a frequent golf partner."

There are plenty of different opinions about Obama out there, but none of us can argue one thing – it's good for the game when the president, whoever he is, is a golfer.



Like most avid players, I live for golf on Saturday! I think it's great for the game AND our President if he can celebrate his special day with a round. Probably, some idiots have a different opinion...


Obama's playing golf is not a good thing for golf. He is probably cheating like he does as the president