Ranking the 10 biggest golf personalities of all time

Arnold Palmer
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When it comes to listing, "biggest golf personalities of all time," if Arnold Palmer isn't on the list, it's not a list at all! Luckily, the King is prominently placed on this one.

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Published: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | 2:48 p.m.


There are a number of larger than life personalities that have roamed the fairways through the annals of golf history.
Whether it was the way they dressed, their demeanor on the course, or the way they wowed (or continue to wow) us with their respective games, some people just have, "it."
Mike Dudurich, a featured columnist for BleacherReport.com, got his thinking cap on and highlighted 10 of the biggest golf personalities of all time.
Here's what Dudurich wrote:
The personalities that make up professional golf are not all that dissimilar from those in any other line of work.
They range from outgoing to quiet, from very real to very fake and from great for the game to just a bit iffy.
But the game has been blessed over the years to have some great personalities, the kind that fall into the category of helping to mold the game as well as the category of continuing the greatness of the game.
Here’s a look at the 10 biggest golf personalities of all time.
Enjoy the list, which -- believe it or not -- does not include Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods. It's got to be the first golf list ever that includes the words, "biggest and all time," in the same headline but exludes Nicklaus and Woods, right?
You'll understand why when you read on.
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