Science driving adidas Golf Innovations

Jason Day John Brenkus
Photo courtesy adidas Golf YouTube
Jason Day undergoes some extreme testing to show the value of adidas climawarm+.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 | 9:34 p.m.

Color me impressed with the adidas Golf Innovations series. Or at least, the first one (the only one that's been released thus far.)

Rather than a simple press release, or even an interview, adidas brought in brand ambassador Jason Day and science guy John Brenkus (six-time Emmy Winner and creator of one of my favorite shows, "Sport Science") to scientifically show the value and difference made by adidas apparel.

First they show (again, scientifically show) the effects of cold weather on the golf swing. The impact is significant. Then they show how wearing the new adidas apparel line climawarm+ mitigates the effect of the cold (and the technology behind that line is featured as well.)

It's worth a look:



As my nerdy friends like to say, you can't argue science (I still debate that point...but I digress). But the numbers are the numbers. I'm sure that adidas isn't the only company offering outerwear that will help you in the cold. But they are the only one using a popular media/science guy and format to emphasize the point. That deserves some kudos in and of itself. 

The video is the first of six videos that adidas Golf will roll out that showcases different technologies they are focusing in on in 2014.